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Merry Christmas + Year in review

2013-12-24 12:24:33 by KingDavid

Heya champs! Merry Christmas! Just wanted to wish you guys some happy holidays and breifly discuss 2013 with you all. as you may or may not have known the past year I was working at an animation studio all year; ( ) and have produced a lot of really cool things with the company. Im hoping to piece together a 2014 show reel with some of this work. all the stuff ive submitted here with lavalle lee from flashcartoons ive just done after hours and on weekends type deal... im a 24/7 animator dammit! Anyways I feel 2013 was a good year here, it's actually probably been one of my biggest years here since my biggest era here in 2006 when i was just 13! but yea, pretty good year, kudos to tom and all the staff for putting up with my nonsense here :) gotta couple of shorts , 1 or 2 of which may even be popping here BEFORE the new year. so yea, make sure to look out for those! happy holidays all!


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2013-12-24 17:51:53

Happy Tanks Giving!

KingDavid responds:

tanks very much!