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New Shorts!

2013-11-25 09:47:37 by KingDavid

Hey fellaz,

So over the past week ive released two shitty shorts on my youtube channel. Probably wont be showcasing them on newgrounds as they are a lil too shitty for NG standards ( I think.)

Anyways one pokes fun at the canadian mayor Rob Ford smoking crack:

and this one consists of random shorts. this one took about a day to make and i would love to produce more zany antics like this if people generally like it. most of episode 1 pokes fun at eminem, with some other nutty gags thrown it but kinda sets the tone for how the series will be like. all feedback is appreciative!

Till next time!
Keep on rockn guys


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2013-11-26 15:27:31

these cartoons are terrible!


2013-11-27 04:04:31

It's cool that you took the time to share these, even if you aren't planning to showcase them or anything. Keep on animating, dude!

KingDavid responds:

Thanks man, I definitely plan too :D