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Moving Onward!

2012-09-27 14:33:42 by KingDavid

Hey Guys.

Just an update post :P
Letting you guys know unfortunatly I will be less active in the next couple months that I was in the summer.
This is because I have been working at a studio the past couple weeks and that occupies most of my time,
and when I do get home I don't have much ambition to work on my own projects.
Rest assure I will continue to submit when I can though, I allready have a few scripts written for short comedies,
and enough old work to finish and submit to keep me busy for a while haha :P

I've been doing stuff in ToonBoom at the studio, and I have to say it's not as bad of a program as I thought it was!
It's actually pretty swell.

So yeah, it may be a few months before I submit again, so hold tight while I'm gone :)
Will keep updated :D


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2012-09-28 13:48:31

Hope it's not a hiatus. Hope you get back soon, buddy.

KingDavid responds:

It Is but it isn't. Being in a studio I'm learning lots, doing things I would never independently, making profesional level art etc., so when I come back I will only be that much better.
As much as I would love to create content for NG and Youtube, right now it doesn't pay the bills.
I will never give up entirely here, and I still have a desire to make my own films, finding the time these days is the only problem unlike in the summer. Thank you for all the support dude. I will try not to let you down


2012-09-28 16:31:22

hang in there

KingDavid responds:

Slowly but surely,
I'll never quit on newgrounds Brother


2012-10-15 16:57:02

that's ok everything will be fine

KingDavid responds:

Thanks :)
Im gonna try to release an old halloween movie ive been meaning to finish for awhile ASAP